We are young networks of Nigerians in diaspora who believes in good and sustainable governance with active young people’s involvement and participation. Our members cut across five continents of the globe.

We want young people who can think out practical ideas which would be passed on to politicians to make our great country Nigeria sustainable.
These are possible areas of deeper explorations: Health, Pollution, Human right, Social movement, Energy, Tourism, Research, Food, shelter and clothing, Environmental justice and climate change, Natural resource depletion, Inspiring actions by young people, Job creation, job recruitment, Young people participation, Governance and decision making, Globalization, Poverty reduction, Trade and debt, Education, Local wild life and natural environment, Equality, inclusion and cultural diversity, Communities and the importance of acting locally and Happiness etc.


– Sustainable development
– Youth development
– Research African leaders who are performing
– Tourism consultancy and management
– We help people aiming to achieve Guinness world records
– Support and campaign for leaders who have sustainable manifesto
– Organising reality shows
– Young people mentorship
– Talents identification
– Kids holiday camps
– Books publications
– Research
– Product research and development
– Agricultural consultants
– Design & Printing

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